Updates from my trip as I travel

Week 1:

The first day

Museums and Colonies

Cycle through the tulips

So long, farewell

Grayer skies


Onward and eastward

Week 2:

Market chaos

Mosque to Palace

The road again

Not in Europe anymore

Ancient snapshot

Cloudless Cotton Castle

Island life

Week 3:

We’d like to stay

And on we go

Lost on translation

A tale of joint cities

Wrong ticket to ride

Empty streets


Week 4:

Changed Countryside

Central to Coast

Lying Low

So many borders

Roman Romance

Many a church

Canal crowds

Week 5:

A not-so-hidden gem

Unclear routes

Beach to beach

Treni to train

Food Odyssey

Antique is better

 All quiet

Week six:

On y dance


Wild life

Come by the hills


Simply living

D’apres moi le deluge

Week 7:

Cliffs in the road


The neighbourhood 

 Up and downstream

Road to walls

Lingua Loco

Animal crackers

Week 8:

Unplain rain


C’est la vie

Ins and Outs

Art a la carte


Ups and Downs

Week 9:

Metro goodbye

Out of town


Another taste

Our land

Come by the coast

Bordering on borders

Week 10:

Wandering old island

City straightaway 

Treasures galore



Visiting around

Cliffs and beaches

Week 11:

Every stream

Darting about


The other side of the street

Veterinary figures

Misty time-travel 

By the water

Week 12:

Animal kingdom

Northern warmth

The high road


Ancestral adventures

Migrate south

Bumps in the castle

Week 13:

Left spinning

Full circle


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