June 26th 2014: Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Vancouver

It was one day, but it was five meals, two plane rides and a nine hour timezone change. Starting in Edinburgh, we tried to sleep, but there were only armrest divided chairs to lie on, and there was construction all through the night. There was even a faulty fire alarm that kept going off. At 4:00 am we went through security and then boarded to fly at 6:00 am.

The Firth of Forth from the air

The Firth of Forth from the air

We arrived in Amsterdam for breakfast (Dutch pancakes, finally!) then bought our last souvenirs and rested til our next flight.



Coming to Amsterdam added an hour to the trip, but it was fun to leave from where we had arrived. Our flight was of course overbooked and we had to go security again for no reason, but we left on time and had good service. Because of the  time zones, it never got dark, so I watched a lot of movies, ate dinner for breakfast and lunch for second breakfast and slept a little. It was very strange when we flew in, seeing Vancouver again and realizing our trip was over and we were back in Canada. In my mind I was still next door to France, not on the Pacific ocean.

Back where we started

Back where we started

We took public transit to my aunt and uncle’s house, and although we were half asleep, got to see our three month-old baby cousin born right before we had left for Europe and eat Cesar salad, steak and carrot cake. Its good to be home.


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