June 20th 2014: Inverness and Wick

The day was supposed to be a short one. Our trip to the Culloden museum was successful. It was very interesting, showing a time line of the government supporters (English, Highlanders, German) and the supporters of Bonnie Prince Charlie (Highlander, French, Irish) as they fought for control of Great Britain.  A movie showing a re-enactment of the battle, and a GPS enabled audio-guide made it very easy to understand. Next, we drove up to Loch Ness, because we just had too. There was a Nessie museum, but we passed it over for the equally credited gift shops and a walk down to the lake.


We had just started to drive back to Inverness when the plan came undone. Our car went over a large rock and in the next hour, slowly deflated. By sheer luck we pulled off the highway and into a service station at Skiatch. Our tire had been popped by the rock, and with the help of a couple passing mechanics, we switched it for the spare. A long series of phone calls were made to the rental company, who, after two hours, told us to drive a half hour back to inverness to pick up a different car. We thanked the many Skiatchians who had helped us, then went to the Inverness airport. There was another long wait while the company did more phoning and paperwork, so by 8:30pm, we had a new car, a couple ridiculous fees and an extreme impatience for Europcar.  Taking advantage of Summer Solstice, we drove until 11:00pm while it was light, and were thrilled to have actually arrived.


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